Rate Center Boundaries

Rate Center Boundaries contain the polygons that define the service area for NPA/NXXs in the United States. Understanding the geographic limits of a rate center is critical to the success of bringing customers onto your network through local number portability.

Use Rate Center Boundaries for:

  • Market planning
  • Local number portability
  • Competitive analysis
  • Demographic analysis

Rate Center Boundaries details:

Ensuring that a customer’s phone number and physical address are both assigned to the same rate center is crucial to properly performing a successful port. RateCenterInfo is built using industry standards that take the guesswork out of local number portability.

Market and competitive analyses are also easily performed with Rate Center Boundaries, enabling carriers to understand the competitive pressures at a click of a button. With its geographic basis, Rate Center Boundaries is used throughout the industry for market planning including number inventory, demographic analysis and local number portability.

Coverage: US and Puerto Rico
Unit Of Sale: US, State
Updated: Semi-Annually
Term: 1 Year

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