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Request a free data sample

Request a free data sample

Why should you try HERE data?

Navstreets data is typically used to conduct GIS analysis, geocoding addresses and calculate routes from a single-car trip to a fleet of trucks. The core product is included in the package, along with the address, points of interest and navigation attributes. Additional attributes are available upon request.

By downloading this dataset, you agree to use it in a non-production environment for, at most, 30 days following the form submission date. You will receive follow-up by emails our GIS Specialists team to provide you with complementary information and assist you during the trial period. You can reply directly to those emails to get help from one of our expert.

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You’re a few clicks away from accessing your data sample. Just fill-out the form to receive the instructions and you will be ready to go!

Contact us at any time if you have questions about data or pricing. Our team will be pleased to guide you through the different options offered, and provide pricing adapted to your use case and the layers needed.


Leverage the industry’s broadest coverage and depth of detail


Enhance your GIS solution with highly accurate maps


Maps that update in real time truly set HERE apart from its competitors


Harness the power of 28TB of data captured every day, direct from HERE true vehicle


What’s included?

Project files are included in both packages to help you get started faster with the data. You will find an ArcMap MXD with the Shapefiles and a MapInfo Workspace in the TAB archive.

Here are some of the map features you can add to your GIS application:

Street centerlines
  ○ Street name
  ○ Functional class
  ○ Speed limit
Address points
Points of Interest
TMC Codes

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