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NAVTEQ Transport™

NAVTEQ Transport

The NAVTEQ Transport includes truck-specific road attributes represented by physical restrictions and legal guidelines. The map layer contents include legal guidelines at state and federal levels, height, weight, width, length, and hazmat.

Use NAVTEQ Transport for:
  • Truck navigation
  • Strategic optimization
  • Warning information
  • Routing and dispatching

NAVTEQ Transport details:

NAVTEQ Transport is a tabular data file, and is designed to be used with NAVTEQ NAVSTREETS™ when geometry is needed by your application. Some of the attributes within data available are:

Physical Restrictions: height, weight, weight per axle, width and length
Legal Restrictions: truck not allowed, turn restrictions and trailer forbidden
Warnings: steep hill, sharp curve, lateral wind and risk of grounding
Points-of-Interest: weigh stations and preferred routes
Hazmat: trucks with forbidden hazardous, explosive and inflammable goods, and natural goods that can be harmful to water supplies

NAVTEQ Transport is vital for your transportation oriented information infrastructure, and is available in three bundles; transport, truck attributes and Hazmat.

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