HERE Traffic Patterns™

Data For Spatial Technology

HERE (formerly known as HERE) Traffic Patterns is a database of average speed values for a typical day derived from billions of multiple-year vehicle speed observations, including GPS probe data records.

This product provides the foundation for alternate route features and more accurate drive time estimates for logistics and navigation products.
Use HERE Traffic Patterns for:

  • With accurate travel times, based on realistic historic traffic speeds, you can improve trip time estimates based on likely traffic conditions.
  • Avoid roads at times when they are typically congested, thereby produce more accurate route planning throughout the day.
  • Efficient route optimization.
  • In vehicle, LBS navigation or Mobile Asset Management applications.

HERE Traffic Patterns Features:

  • Available in two variations geo-referenced to the following features
    • Traffic Message Channel (TMC) location codes
    • Link IDs
  • Offered for each individual day of the week in 15-minute or 60 minute increments
  • Referenced to local time
  • Data characteristics include:
    • Relational.CSV format for 15-minute data intervals for every day of the week
    • A holiday appendix is made available, providing guidance for those unusual traffic days
    • Referenced to TMC codes or Link IDs
    • Speed values in both KMPH and MPH to 1 KMPH/MPH increments
  • Available as a set of look-aside tables in .CSV format
  • Available in ESRI SHP, MapInfo TAB and Oracle ODF file formats
  • Also available as a PNG traffic tile API through the HERE Platform
  • Coverage is available for 8 countries in the Americas, 62 countries in EMEA and 7 countries in APAC.

HERE Traffic Patterns TMC vs Link IDs:

  • HERE Traffic Patterns – Link-based coverage provides coverage on all roads in the Map – not just roads that are TMC-coded. This is possible because the data is geo-referenced to Link IDs.
  • Link-based coverage allows for the detection of traffic conditions that might be aggregated in the TMC-based coverage model. Hence, greater coverage allows for better routes and more accurate travel times.

HERE Traffic Patterns – Coverage Benefits:

While Full Coverage Traffic Patterns permits improvement in all markets, it is particularly beneficial in countries and cities with little or no TMC coverage.

  • Countries and cities with little or no TMC coverage are missing valuable traffic information on non-TMC-coded roads. For example, Full Coverage Traffic Patterns enables traffic information through a city center whereas TMC-coded Traffic Patterns would assume free-flow conditions in this area.
  • Provides more granular information for each road segment (‘link’) – Full Coverage Traffic Patterns provides routes that are less stop-and-go and, thereby, less stressful.

HERE Traffic Patterns is a tabular file and does not include geometry. It must be used in conjunction with HERE NAVSTREETS™ Map Content Premium for routing and mapping purposes.

Coverage: available for 8 countries in the Americas, 62 countries in EMEA, and 7 countries in APAC
Updated: Semi-Annually, Annually
Licensing: Annual with Multi-year contract options
Aligns With: HERE NAVSTREETS™ Map Content

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