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Enterprise companies make critical business decisions based on the geo-location of customers, assets, or events. In market analysis, risk assessment, targeting, portfolio management, and network investments, geocoding is used to assign business data with their respective geo-location to make smarter decisions. Geocoding turns ordinary tabular records containing address information into geographic objects that can be displayed on a map. Once your records are geocoded, you can display them in mapping software or use them in a spatially-aware database management system (DBMS).

Use Geocoding Solutions for:

  • Address parsing, cleansing and standardization
  • CASS certify your records
  • Making your data mappable
  • Appending a coordinate to your records

Geocoding Solutions details:

Geocoding is the art and science of parsing, cleansing, standardizing and assigning a longitude and latitude value to a tabular record, making the record mappable. You can then perform a wide variety of functions such as query and find, analyze your data in geographic terms and visualize your data in a map.

Geocoding enables smarter decisions based on location. It provides functionality to search for and geocode addresses, as well as to reverse geocode, where you start with a geographic coordinates and convert this to an address. Geocoding software can therefore be used to quickly validate a delivery order, identify the precise location for quick intervention, understand the geographical distribution of a portfolio, or track assets.

If you are interested in a Cloud based solution to meet your geocoding needs, then the HERE Location Platform is the answer for you.

HERE Location Platform Geocoder Components

  • The Geocoder string analyzer understands the difference in address formats across countries and the output includes localized address labels. Geocoder supports multiple languages and writing scripts. It includes many advanced options like results scoring, spatial filters, the inclusion of additional data with the results, e.g. postal code shapes, cross streets, or admin IDs.
  • Geocoder has global coverage for all 196 countries plus additional territories. Premium coverage including house number level is available for over 90 countries. In these countries you get accurate results with continuously updated automotive grade maps, precision to the door-step with Point Addressing for 270 million addresses in 65 countries and address range based interpolation and extrapolation anywhere else. Geocoder also includes selected street level coverage for over 40 countries, and selected city level coverage for the remaining countries & territories.

Available Features and Functionality

  • Geocoding is how geographical coordinates can be found using a text address even if the address is incomplete or spelled incorrectly. Multiple local results are ranked according to relevance. Multiple languages are supported.
  • Reverse Geocoding is the process of taking a set of geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude) obtained, for example, from the GPS on the user’s device or via a click on the map, and providing a textual description of the position in return. Reverse Geocoding answer the question – Where am I?
  • Batch Geocoding allows the use to upload multiple addresses in a single file for geocoding. A transaction equals the number of geocoding requests made within a batch geocoding request

Geocoding within Your DBMS or Application

Using the HERE street content, geocoding engines can be configured for use within GIS applications or to be called via other services. For example, it is common to use the HERE .shp format and configure this within the ESRI stack to setup a geocoding engine that is then utilized by both server based and desktop based ESRI applications. Likewise within Oracle Spatial, HERE ODF data can be loaded and used within all three Oracle schemes (Map Display, Geocoding and Routing)

Job Geocoding

In addition, for very small jobs we offer geocoding as a one-off service. You send us records and we’ll send them back within a few business days.

For more information on how we can help solve your business needs, please contact one of our Specialists at 844.440.1630 or by email.

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